Dir: Terry McMahon, 90 min, 2010, Ireland (Source: Terry McMahon)

You don’t know him… but he already hates you.

Three comfortable couples, bonded by blood, marriage and friendship gather at a weekend hotel conference. Their natural leader is the irrepressible Charlie, an erudite, apparently harmless, fast-talking egotist. Patrick Bateman-esque Charlie has it all, the perfect wife, the property portfolio and the loyalty of his friends. But his smoke and mirror monologues conceal a prejudiced, over-educated sociopath who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law, or even reality.

What happens when a proud member of the controlling class knocks down a working class girl in a hit and run? Does he help her? Does he call an ambulance? Or does he negate all responsibility and consult a deck of playing cards to determine his fate? Shot in 11 days for under €1000, this dangerously subversive and provocatively dark political satire has a brilliant script and a staggering central performance.

Screens 7pm Friday 14 October with Riding in Between (Dir: Gregory Stehle, 7:56)

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