Dir: Alex Ross Perry, 83 min, 2011, USA (Source: Alex Ross Perry)

Wannabe news anchor JR rarely sees her family, but now she needs her brother Colin, or at least his car, to help retrieve her belongings from her professor-turned-lover’s apartment. What follows is a darkly comic road trip as the mismatched siblings squabble, fight & alienate almost everyone they meet, both too self-absorbed to see how obnoxious they may actually be. As the trip progresses the duo gradually come to confront each other & themselves. A post-Jarmusch, post-mumblecore journey into family, relationships & unfulfilled dreams, The Color Wheel is low-budget indie filmmaking at its best. With Indiewire describing Perry’s performance as a “subversive Michael Cera, but his sub-literary persona suggests Woody Allen trapped in a nightmarish midnight movie” this is a future cult movie in the making.

Screens 7pm Thursday 1 November with Kappa (Dir: D. A. Jackson, 5:04)

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