Dir: Patrick Meaney, 80 mins, 2010, USA (Source: Patrick Meaney)

Author of legendary cult comic The Invisibles, as well as Doom Patrol, Animal Man and Batman spinoff Arkham Asylum, Grant Morrison is one of the key figures in the world of contemporary comics and graphic novels. From bohemian superheroes through science fiction and personal biography, Morrison’s unique narratives spin through pop culture, underground art, politics and the occult.

Morrison discusses his life as a one-time garage-musician, his early involvement in comics, the rituals of chaos magick and his alien abduction experience. The perfect interviewee – charismatic, humorous, perceptive and utterly articulate – his imagination will inspire.

Screens 12pm Saturday 15 October with Everything is Super (Dir: Gareth Davis, 14:02)

Watch Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods – 2-Disc Special Edition

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