Dir: Zach Clark, 92 min, 2010, USA (Source: Zach Clark)

When four college friends reunite for a girls’ week at the beach, it’s all bikinis, piña coladas and dance parties at first. But the fun soon fades away… Sugar’s got a thing for Dee-dee. Dee-dee’s got a thing for a girl who’s got a boyfriend. Donna’s never made out with a girl, or done anything fun at all, ever. Lorelei’s looking for some cheap thrills to help get over her ex. After procuring a psychotropic drug from a sketchy surfer dude, the girls take a very strange trip into the abyss. And that’s when everything gets totally fucked. Bummer.

Screens 9pm Thursday 13 October with After the Rainbow (Dir: soda_jerk, 5:30)

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